Click on pictures to enlarge.
90. Chris Baginski, with
ostoesarcoma wished to open up
a box of football cards. Brian
Cano from "THE HAUNTED
wish come true! DeLuca Sport
Cards also donated a box.

Sometimes wishes are for the
family too.
Mr. Baginski as you see, took his son wherever he wanted to go, making the last days, weeks, months of his life as
special as they could be. They visited Yankee Stadium,  casino and spent so much valuable time together doing
what parents do for their child. Mr. & Mrs B are truly an inspiration of what LOVE IS!

Without knowing Mr. & Mrs. Baginski are HAUNTED COLLECTOR fans, never missing a show. So when Brian Cano
showed up on the doorstep, the dad was ecstatic! Brian spent alot of time with the parents as Chris slept. They did a
sweep of their home with Brian and was able to speak with John Zaffis as well. People often forget the caregivers,
but God reminded me that Chris' parents needed a little blessing too.
91.  Retired UASF Veteran Master Sgt. Donald
Leach with advanced cardiac disease wishes to
attend his daughters wedding. Mr Leach is
dependent with his care and had no way to attend
until UNITY and MON VALLEY EMS teamed up to
make his wish a reailty. DON this a a HUGE thank
you for your sacrifice and service to keep us free.
92.  Lydia W. from Gibsonia,  PA had a wish to meet Christian
singer Kari Jobes. When in St. Louis at a Joyce Meyer
conference, UNITY made this wish come true. Lydia who has
been hospitalized too many times to count within the last year,
always receives inspiration from her song:"Steady my Heart."

pic to follow
93. Mary B. wished to go to the OPERA with her husband. She
attended The Opera House of Philadelphia, Stayed at The
Airport Hilton and Joe's Crab Shack on the way home. She was
treated like a Queen. She was treated to dinner at the Hilton,
champagne and roses in her Suite. Thank You Philadelphia for
making this wish a true blessing.

                           pic to follow
94. Pam C. is battling breast cancer. Her best friend contacted UNITY, and
asked us if their was anyway to make her wish come true and that would
be to meet Bruce Springsteen.  As you can see this wish came true in
Pittsburgh. THE BOSS and his management team were AWESOME!

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.
Passes to Lexus Club.
Best seats in the house.
95. David D. who is fighting multiple Myeloma wishes to attend a SURPRISE "50th"
birthday party in FLA. Unity purchased him his tickets and on Nov. 9th he will be flying
to FLA to say SURPRISE in person!

This wish came from the new chapter of UNITY in New Castle!
96. John S. with end stage Liver Cancer had a wish to give his son
a Christmas Gift and he also rec'd as a wish a robe, slippers,
blanket, Cd Player and various CD's. A christamas stand-up
decoration and wall poster.  John smiled when he saw JOURNEY
helping to deliver the gifts!
97. Rudy with end stage cancer had a wish to give his wife something to remember
him by and something to hold after he passed. Unfortunately Rudy passed on
before his wish could be granted, BUT UNITY followed through with his wish. After
weeks upon weeks of trying to find a rescue a Unity volunteer read about Rudy
and went on her own search. Needless to say the little T-CUP chihuahua on the
left was given to Rudy's wife as a Christmas present. Her name is:

                 "Cielo Amore".....Meaning....."Heavenly Love"  CUTE?    
98.  Unity's New Castle chapter thanks to Becky Rainville granted a wish for a lady who needed a gas stove to
replace hers which was unusable. Her caregivers had to cook meals at their homes and bring them to her house,
this afforded the C/G's to cook her meals HOT at her home.....Thanks Becky Great Job.
99-104...OPERATION CHRISTMAS WISH served 5 deserving families with the
spirit of Christmas. One was for a 33 year old lady battling breast cancer,
giving her 2 young boys new bikes and games etc...Mr Phil Salerno who is
battling metastatic cancer was granted his wish of Christmas for his family. An
independent contractor when he became ill he lost everything. SO, Unity with
"PICTURE ME" at Ross Park Mall, "AmyBsphotography" and "The Conley
Resort" in Butler made sure his wish was more than he could wish for. Picture
Me did professional sittings, AmyB's professionally photographed his wish as
it took place, and The Conley Resort accomodated his wish to see his family
smile and have fun and forget about his illness. The Conley provided
overnight stay for his family, water park passes and dinner. Their staff also
donated their time after hours to make his wish special! Thanks to all Unity
volunteers who made this wish possible and to Diana Rafferty who helped
make this wish extra special with some awesome gifts....Here is a picture of
Phil's family with Unity volunteers and YES JOURNEY did go along to provide
some much needed therapy and made everyone smile!

105. Tracey Had a wish to attend
the 77th Dapper Dan Dinner to view
Hines Ward receive his Life
Achievement Award. Unity sent
Tracey and her 2 children to the
dinner. Tracey with Manny
Sanguillen and of course HINES!
106.  Jay T. was a marathon runner who ran to raise money to find a cure for
cancer. He gave up alot of his free time to make this happen. Ironically Jay
was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has recently moved to his dads house
and is on hospice. His wish is a PHISH WISH. He is a huge PHISH fan, his wish
talk to members of the band. JOHN & TREY took time out of their busy lives to
share TIME to make a difference in his life. He talked with John for an hour
and Trey for 40 minutes.

Look at his smile, this wish gave Jay Hope and changed his focus.
Want to send him a card....send it here we will fwd it to JAY!
107. Ardith W. had a life-time wish to stay the night at TARA MANSION in Clark, PA. The mansion was remodeled
after the one in "GONE WITH THE  WIND" her favorite alltime movie.  Ardith has lung cancer and had a great time.
Thanks to Mrs Winner and her staff for being so attentive to Ardith and her needs. She traveled with her sister.
Thanks to McKnight Medical of Charleroi, PA.for their assist with this wish. Ardith is on the right.
108. Chrissy W. aged 38, had a aggressive brain tumor excised and
she had a wish to swim with the dolphins. Chrissy and her mother
spent mothers day in KEY LARGO, Fla
and did just that...Thank you Island Dolphin Care. Thanx Suzanne H.,
Hobo's, Konch's, Passavant employees, Cheryl Honsaker, friends of
Chrissy, DolphinsPlus.
109. Joell with metastatic cancer
wished to take her family roughing it in
the woods and attend Idlewild. Well this
is where they ROUGHED IT thank to