Click on pictures to enlarge.
110.  Rebecca with lung disease required and wished
for a new Air Conditioner so she could breath easier!
Unity made her wish come true through the help of
Jameson Hospice!
111. Tiffany with end stage cancer had 1 wish! A family
portrait. Unable to include her dad because he passed on
5 days before these pictures were taken. Unity and
Sensational Images of Uniontown, PA made sure her
wish came true. Here is a picture of her and her 2
daughters.  Tiffany lost her battle to cancer a week after
these pictures were taken.
112. Debbie from Hermitage, PA battling brain
cancer had a FAMILY wish! Unity treated her to a
delicious STEAK dinner at Joes Crab Shack on
Carson St....A tour of the Burgh on Just Ducky Tours
and a ride up/down the Mon Incline!

Was a beautiful day and so proud to meet such
supportive children and friend! What a TRUE
113.  Penny Z. age 44, with colon cancer had a wish to go to the
beach. 6 weeks prior to her wish being granted her younger sister lost
her battle with colon cancer. This wish was a much needed get away
for all to gather in love and support of eachother! As you can see all
18 did just that!  
Thank You
M&M Fleming and Laura B.H. at Sand Castle Realty in
South Bethany, PA. This is where Penny and her loved ones stayed
together for the week!

UNITY BY THE SEA! has a ring to it! Maybe one day!
114. Unity is presently granting a wish for a man in Pt. Marion, PA he has end stage colon cancer he is 53 years old
and lives by himself. His wish: A Home cooked meal, thats it folks a home cooked meal! UNITY volunteers are
serving up home-cooked meals and delivering to his home. As simple as this wish is the meals mean the world to
115. Holly Smith with multiple
Myeloma wished to meet BRET
MICHAELS . Holly in the picture on
your left did just that. She sat ON
center stage, he kissed her hand, he
gave her his guitar pick and then his
M&G.  On the right BRET "ROCKS" a
Unity "T".......

This wish is going to be highlighted at
www.bretmichaels.com Thur Nov 21...
check it out.
116. Greg Ward 24, metastatic testicular
cancer. He is a volunteer firefighter and
he wishes to meet his favorite
CROONER...Michael Buble' Tues Nov 26,
his wish came true. He went to the private
sound check party....awesome seats for
the concert and his wish came true,
Michael got to meet Greg!

Greg has 1 more surgery and he will be
CANCER FREE! Hopefully his wish gave
him the ammunition to WIN!
117.Frank Capparelli, WW2 veteran wished to return to his old neighborhood in Mt
Washington, PA  THANK YOU Exceptional Limo for the transport in the PENS
official limo! Also he wishes to eat at his lifetime favorite restaurant...CALABRIA'...
in Canonsburg! He also surprised his old buddies who were neighbors back when
and who also served in WW2 with him. Senator Fontana and County Exec,
Fitzgerald served him with Citations for service to Allegheny County and the USA.
118. Tony from Castle Shannon with brain tumors had a wish. He just wanted to see The Hobbit...Desolation of
Smaug. Unity  able to secure the movie for him so he and family could watch it...He soon passed after the movie was
received!   No pictures available!
119.  Today 46 year old Kirk W. from W.V. who is
battling ALS rec'd a call from his longtime GOLF
HERO Greg "THE SHARK" Norman. Greg called Kirk
and they spoke for about 10 minutes. KIRK and his
family ecstatic!
120.  "TOM" Wrenn, with pancreatic cancer had a wish
to take his son to a Brooklyn Nets Game. He not only
had great seats but was treated to a buffet and then
after the game B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) in downtown
Brooklyn, NY provided 5-Star accommodations for him!
121.  Tim, age 55, with COPD. Tim is a hospice patient and he contacted UNITY
for a wish to see his family and take them out to dinner, see his grandson "Jason"
and to hold him for the very first time EVER and a Family Portrait which they
do not have!  I want to Thank Dan, from Sensational Images for the photography
and Med Express, both from Uniontown, PA and also ViaQuest Hospice, Cheryl
Crise, Jason Upton for the blessing of the meal and Lori Lasosky for making Tim's
wish a reality!
Ida, had a wish to get her hair done because the care home she lived at did not offer
that service. Unity arranged with a local salon for her to get her hair done. ALSO she
had never been to a Pirates game so our good friend Kent Tekulve worked with
UNITY and IDA as you see attended her first ever Pirate Game Fries and ALL.
Dave, who has leukemia wishes to GET AWAY from it all so he could enjoy
mother nature and just relax. UNITY worked with OhioPyle Vacation Rentals
and The Stonehouse in Farmington and arranged for a 3 night stay in a
beautiful cabin in the woods. Also Dave and his GF was treated to a
spectacular dinner at the Stonehouse! Thanks Jordan!
Jaynette, is battling stage 3 breast cancer. Her wish was
granted with the assistance of the employees at Nemacolin
AQUEOS Restaurant. She and her husband had a 18 course
taste feast. Then the wonderful people at Beauty Connections
Spa treated Jaynette to a full body massage, and since they
are so beneficial UNITy arranged for 2 more massages. THEN
as you see JAXX arranged for some PET THERAPY but I think
he got it wrong as he sits on Jaynettes lap.
Joe, age 38, is battling colon, liver and lung cancer. He had a wish for a puppy.
Unity and Lisa Palya teamed up to make sure his wish came true. Here Lil Brutus
is working his PUPPY POWER MAGIC with kisses galore!

Jamie, Joe's wife said she wanted to thank Unity because Joe is now smiling
again! His mind is focused on his puppy and caring and loving him!

Only the love a puppy can provide!