Francine, battling brain cancer
wished to have a Family re-union
for Christmas.  Family came in
from all over the USA
BRAD, battled Liver Cancer. His
wish: DeepSea Fishing with his
family. Thanks Brandy Timmons,
DE. Family Fishing, SandCastle
Realty, Mr Murray. Was an
awesome trip!
Kiyara Minto, age 20 with Ewings Sarcoma had a wish to
meet Robin Roberts from Good Morning America.

Kiyara was living in the Karpas Hospice floor in Beth Israel,
Mt Sinai in Manhattan, NY.

Kiyara passed 8 days after she met Robin!
US Marine Veteran Peggy P, is battling cancer for
the 2nd time. Unity honored Peg for her service and
we want to thank Broad Ave Motor Sales Inc for
assisting UNITY in making her wish a SUCCESS.

Wish for a Sewing Machine that also embroiders.
As you see a BROTHER did the trick!
Yvonne, 95, is battling end stage COPD. her wish
was to attend an OPERA. She used to go by herself
many years ago. The Pittsburgh Opera assisted
UNITY in making her wish to see "CARMEN" come
This wish changed her life, she told John, "All this
time, I was waiting to die being no hospice now I see
others my age and in wheelchairs, now I caanot wait
to live life." This is what UNITY does!
Valorie, 51, has colon cancer. Wish: to take her family to the beach for some much
needed R & R.  Sand Castle Realty of DE. worked their magic and found a house on the
bay side for her to stay. Valorie, said she did alot of soul searching and her and her
husband are going to create an outreach program. See UNITY not only grants wishes
but changes the FOCUS and gives clarity and lets people know the need to LIVE every
day of their life.
Emily, 20, end stage leukemia. WISH: to meet or get letters from her favorite country
artists.  Well Brantley Gilbert, Billy Dean, The 3 Tenors made EMILY a special Video
just for her! Charlie Daniels, Brad Paisley, Ricky Skaggs, Justin Fabus, Lily Nielson,
Lee Brice, Travis Tritt, The P.B.R.A. made her weekend one of astounding love and
caring by inviting her to an event near her home.
Stacey M, 39, had RSD-CRPS a degenerative disease which will render her blind
and bed bound. Her wish: Meet her lifetime favorite NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne.

Unity teamed up with Ollie's (good stuff cheap)  thank you Heather....She
traveled to Oswego, NY to meet her crush! She was a trooper and Kasey even
gave her a special gift from him!  Super sweet guy!
Mr. Shepler (left) is battling pancreatic cancer and is a US NAVY
VETERAN!  HE had a wish to attend a Steelers game and obtain
sideline pre-game passes. Tunck Ilkin was the only Steeler to take time
out of his pre-game schedule to meet Mr. Shepler on the field before the
game. Tunch prayed and introduced Mr Shepler and his family to the
media side of the game.
Paula Cummings, she has COPD and is on the lung transplant list. WISH: to ride in a
sidecar which has been a wish of hers since she was a young child. UNITY BIKER
DIVISION arranged her wish with help from the good people of York, PA.  Paula was
treated to a beautiful ride from Harrisburg, PA to Gettysburg, PA and back.  Paula was
escorted to the front of the pack of well over 250 bikes.

Paula was so happy and felt so blessed and att times overwhelmed with the
SUE RAYMOND, is battling cancer. HER WISH: spend time at a beach with her
husband and celebrate their anniversary when in the past her illness has taken
priority over the chance to celebrate.  UNITY and SandCastle Realty and The Charity
Fund teamed up to grant her wish at South Bethany DE.  She had a house on the
beach and and a window filled bedroom to view daily sunrises and the roar of the
ocean 24/7, which was her wish!
Megan W. age 19, is battling leukemia one more time. She beat it
at age 13 and now she is fighting the fight. She wanted a new IPad
mini and UNITY made sure she had one.  She is going through
very aggressive treatments and this will allow her to keep in
contact with family and friends and also read, read, read. She is a
missionary and once she beats this I am sure she will be changing
lives somewhere in this world!
ANDY K. age 54. Battling a Glioblastoma. WISH: to meet Jerome Bettis. He attended
the taping of the Jerome Bettis Show, met Jerome in person, received signed
autographs and his belly was too. He was able to sit at the Show Desk, wore the
SUPER BOWL ring, shared a few laughs and then was treated to THE Jerome Bettis
Grille where he attained CELEB status and ate in Jerome's Private Owners Box
where there was a lot of Super Bowl memorabilia of Mr. Bettis'. PLUS ate like a KING
everyone!  Was an awesome wish. Mr Bettis is a TRUE gentleman and a
ROLE-MODEL of how to do it right!  
JEANNINE Zitney from Brownsville, PA has been battling breast cancer. She needed
time away before a major surgery. UNITY sent her and her family along with
MEMORIES OF LOVE organization for a weeks vacation in the Orlando FL. area.

JEANNINE and her family had a blast and spent many hours creating memories that
will forever be remembered.
35 year old William Robison of Brownsville, PA is awaiting a heart transplant. He
presently requires a LVAD exterior pump to keep his heart rate regulated. UNITY sent
William and his family to Ocean City MD for a weeks vacation. This was his first time at
the beach in his life and this was SO IMPORTANT to him, that he took his self off the
transplant list so his family could create memories. He also is going to a Pirates Game
and meet Kent Tekulve! Kent also had a heart transplant.
Edie Rice has been battling metastatic lung cancer. Her and her husband who is a US
NAVAL VETERAN never went on a honeymoon because of his enlistment and never took
the time because they thought they could as they aged. UNITY stepped in and sent her
and him for a week away to DE. where they could take that HONEYMOON!

This is why UNITY does what it does. Giving HOPE and JOY!
Jordan D. age 24 was battling Sarcoma. He is from West Virginia. His WISH: Meet his
HERO,  US NAVY SEAL, Jason Redman. Here Jason and Jordan SKYPED for 45
minutes and shared the struggles they both have overcome and the POSITIVE
OUTLOOK they both share!  Jason wrote THE TRIDENT  about his Journey as a
Navy Seal.  Jason succumbed to his illness 12 days later.